1. Happy days in Tx


  2. Très bon web documentaire interactif sur ces français qui s’immolent sur la place publique.

    Moralement difficile à regarder mais on est tous coupable d’accepter cette situation abominable, encore une fois, pour satisfaire une poignée de cochons.

  3. Better than something

    Jay Reatard ==>absolute genius.

    DIY is the best way to be true to yourself.

    You can watch it for free here


    Warning: lots of fucking commercials..

    Freedom has a price i guess.

  4. Awesome documentary about Katheleen Hanna.

    Her bands: Bikini kill/Le tigre/The Julie ruin.


  5. Love her, her voice, every single album.

    Le pouvoir du chat : Chan Marshall


  7. Recording/NFP

  8. insane


  9. Hey

    • Tomorrow, i’m starting the recording of the new EP of No Flag Project.
    • Man i just can’t wait. I can’t sleep because i’m just too excited.
    • It’s been a long time.. 
    • It’s like the night before you go on tour or your first date. 
    • You don’t really know what’s gonna happen but you just can’t wait.
    • I’ve been thinking about No Flag Project since i was 19 and now i’m 27.
    • Damn, it’s going by fast. 
    • I wanted to do something acoustic because i was getting (already) bored of making noise just because punk rock has to be tough and loud.
    • I still deeply think this EP is punk rock. You’ll probably disagree when you hear it (yes! you!) but hopefully you’ll know what i meant. 
    • To me, it sounds like NFP under the influence of KOC and Fast industrial/electro BEATSBEATSBEATSBEATSBEATS
    • (Ok, i know it’s 00:44:59. But i’m serious. It really sounds like that. Anyway, i know better. I’m in the band.)
    • I missed being that excited.
    • Shut up stupid bird.
  10. Getting more and more into that guy.

    Frank ZAPPA